Strobl Sharp PLLC is built upon the diverse backgrounds of our attorneys.

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Strobl Sharp PLLC is a Detroit area business law firm that provides specialized legal advice in a comprehensive range of practice areas. Our experienced attorneys work with clients to understand their legal issues and provide meaningful results.

Strobl Sharp offers legal services in five core areas:


banking &
financial services


Bankruptcy & Creditors' Rights




Estate &
Succession Planning




About Strobl Sharp

Located in southeast Michigan, Strobl Sharp PLLC is a full-service business and corporate law firm with a range of unique specialties and practice areas. Our attorneys bring valuable experience and knowledge to the legal services they provide. We understand business because we have worked in business and have been entrepreneurs themselves.

Latest News

A Negotiator’s Perspective

By John Monnich I have thoroughly enjoyed the series by Chris Voss on The Art of Negotiating. Chris is a former FBI hostage negotiator who offers lessons on negotiating…

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Strobl Sharp PLLC Strengthens Tax and Estate Planning Expertise with Addition of Father Son Team

Strobl Sharp PLLC is excited to announce the addition of two new attorneys to their team of seasoned and trusted lawyers, Mike Scullen and Sean Scullen. Mike Scullen, a seasoned…

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Is Now the Right Time for an Acquisition or Merger?
Part 2: Disadvantages

In Part 1, we reviewed some of the potential advantages of an acquisition or merger in this volatile economic climate. When considering an acquisition or merger, however, a business owner…

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Is Now the Right Time for an Acquisition or Merger?
Part 1: Advantages

When major world events occur such as 9/11, the Great Recession of 2007-2009, and the current COVID-19 pandemic, the resulting changes in policy and the overall market can illuminate strengths…

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Private Placement Memorandums

Many small businesses start off as great ideas but due to lack of funds never see the ideas come to fruition. Fortunately, there are ways small business owners may seek…

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Before Selling Your Business, Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

Whether you’re trying to decide if you should list your business for sale or take it off the market, answering the following 5 questions can help make a difficult, life-changing…

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